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 Data protection

The hotel shall inform third parties about the present, past or future stay of the guest, including the close relatives of the guest, only with the prior written permission of the guest. This prohibition on providing information shall not apply to requests made pursuant to law.

The guest acknowledges that the hotel is obliged to provide the requesting authority with the guest's personal data requested in the request.



The nearest ATM is located at the entrance to the Aquarius Waterpark (OTP). It can be reached in 2 minutes by car and 10 minutes on foot.


Car transport

As a reminder, please note that only one-way driving is allowed on the street of the hotel.

Check in

Upon arrival, all guests are required to provide identification (ID card, address card or passport) to the receptionist for check-in.

Rooms can be occupied from 14:00.



In case of health problems, you can ask for medical help at the reception. A thermometer, plaster, antiseptic, fever and analgesic medicines are available at reception.


The hotel operates a closed-circuit camera system in the building and its external (street) and internal (courtyard) surroundings for the property and personal safety of guests and the hotel, which continuously records and records images 24 hours a day. Only Barbizon security personnel and Police personnel are entitled to view the recordings afterwards.

In case of fire, the guest is obliged to follow the escape route provided in the room and the instructions of the hotel staff on site.

Fire extinguishing cylinders can be found in the corridors of the hotel, on each floor. In case of fire, the guest is obliged to immediately alert the reception.

It is forbidden to operate irons, kettles, coffee makers in the hotel room.

Things not allowed in the hotel

  • corrosive, flammable chemicals, things classified as substances in the legislation in force,
  • substances classified as flammable and/or explosive in current legislation,
  • fireworks, firecrackers, their parts and components,
  • waste, harmful to the environment or health.


It can be requested at the hotel reception.


Parcel delivery and safekeeping/safekeeping

Upon request, we can pick up and drop off the luggage of hotel guests. Luggage storage is available in storage room no. 5. Valuables can be stored at the reception, in the central safe of the hotel.


Smoking is prohibited in the enclosed areas of the hotel (including the guest rooms), in the communal areas and in the entire open area belonging to the hotel, except for designated smoking areas.

If the hotel is fined by the competent authority in accordance with the relevant law for the unlawful conduct of any guest or other person staying in the hotel area, the hotel is entitled to pass on the amount of the fine to the person who has committed the unlawful conduct or to demand payment thereof from him.


It can be requested at the hotel reception.


Photocopying, scanning

Photocopying is possible at the hotel reception for 10 HUF/page.


Payment options

In our hotel you can pay for your stay with cash (HUF/Euro) or cashless payment options (bank card, OTP, MHB beauty card).


Bathroom chair

It can be requested at reception.



Baby cots are available at the hotel reception upon request.

Hair dryer

It can be requested at the hotel reception



The hotel allows small pets (dogs, cats, rabbits) free of charge. However, for material damage caused by animals (vandalism, dirt), we charge repair and cleaning costs.

Information materials

The sights of our region are available at the reception and in the common areas.

In case of fire or emergency, the "Hotel Barbizon's Fire Safety Regulations shall be followed. It can be viewed at the hotel reception. Details concerning the most important hotel guests can be found at the end of this brochure. On the inside of the front door of the hotel room is the escape route.

Check out

On the day of departure, the guest is obliged to leave the room with his/her luggage and brought in by 11:00 a.m. and to hand in the room key, TV and air conditioning remote control received at check-in at the reception.

In case of late departure of the room, the hotel is entitled to charge extra charges. The guest is obliged to pay the price of his/her stay at the latest before his/her final departure from the hotel.

In case of unpaid departure, the hotel will enforce its claim against the guest through legal means, in addition to the police report, the costs of which will be charged to the guest.


Only guests registered at reception are allowed in the hotel rooms. The guest is liable for the conduct of his visitor, including any damage.

Guests exceeding the number of guests in the reservation will be charged the normal rate.

Daily housekeeping

Hotel staff clean rooms once a day from 09:00 AM to 02:00 PM. In rooms whose keys the guest has handed in at reception. You can indicate your cleaning needs with the "Cleaning please/ Do not disturb" sign in the room. If the guest does not display this sign, the room will be cleaned.

From an environmental point of view, only towels placed on the bathroom floor are replaced.

Adaptor/socket suitable for international use on request



The vehicles of the hotel guests can be parked free of charge in the uncovered and unguarded parking lot of the hotel.

You must drive in the parking lot according to the Highway Code.

If the guest wishes to use the parking lot, he must indicate the registration number of the vehicle on the registration form upon check-in. In case of refusal or failure to do so, the parking lot will not be used. The guest shall be directly liable to the injured party for any damage caused by him or her to another parked car.


Breakfast is included in the room rate.

Breakfast is served buffet breakfast, i.e. without serving staff, the guest serves himself from the selection of food and drinks on the tables set up in the breakfast room.

Breakfast is served from 7 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.

The hotel offers unlimited food consumption from the breakfast buffet table, but neither food nor drinks can be taken out from there for later consumption. If the guest takes food and/or drinks out of the breakfast room for later consumption without the prior permission of the hotel, the hotel is entitled to charge 50% of the breakfast price/person/occasion to the guest's account.

For guests who leave the room earlier than 07:00, we provide a breakfast package if indicated at reception in time.

Abnormal behavior

For the peace of the guests, after 22:00 - except in the case of events or programs organized or authorized by the hotel - loudness, music, activities involving noise and noise, sound effects, television with a disturbing volume in the room, radio broadcasting, etc. are prohibited.

All conduct and behaviour that disturb the peace, safety, sense of security and privacy of others is prohibited on the territory of the hotel, regardless of the time; constitutes harassment. The hotel staff is entitled to warn the disruptive and/or loud guest. The first warning is free of charge, for the second and third warnings the hotel will charge the room bill of the warned guest HUF 5,000 each. After the third warning, the hotel is entitled to unilaterally terminate the hotel contract with immediate effect and expel the guest from the hotel without any obligation to refund and/or compensate. The hotel excludes its liability for any harm caused by the guest's conduct to other guests.

Hotel tools equipment

The guest is obliged to use the hotel's tools and equipment as intended. The guest is obliged to compensate for any damage resulting from improper use upon the hotel's request, but at the latest before departure.

The hotel's furnishings and equipment may only be removed from the hotel premises with the prior written permission of the hotel. Taking away hotel property without the prior written permission of the hotel is considered a criminal offence, and in this case the hotel will take the necessary criminal and civil legal steps.

Hotel's liability for damages

The hotel is liable for damage to the guest's belongings brought into the hotel, with the exception of items excluded from entry.

In the case of cash, securities and valuables, the hotel is only obliged to compensate for the damage incurred if the guest has placed them in the room safe.

The hotel expressly reminds the guest to deposit their finished money, valuables and securities in the safe in the room. If the safe does not work or does not work as intended, the guest is obliged to inform the hotel reception immediately. The guest shall be liable for damages resulting from failure to provide information or late information.

The hotel shall only be liable for damages to other items brought in by the guest if the damage occurred in a place usually used by the guest or open to the guest, for example: the hotel room, corridor, lobby, garden, car park. The hotel is obliged to pay for such damage up to fifty times the daily room rate paid by the guest.

The hotel is exempt from its obligation to pay compensation if it proves that the damage occurred due to an unavoidable cause beyond the control of the guests and employees, or that the damage was caused by the guest himself. The guest uses and uses the hotel's equipment, wellness and other services as intended, in the knowledge and knowledge of his/her own health, physical and mental condition,

The hotel excludes liability for damages arising from use and use that does not correspond to the real health, physical or mental condition of the guest.

Room cleaning/Textile change

In case of a longer stay, change of bed linen at least once a week


Lost and found

Found items can be dropped off at reception, where they will be registered. Food, food-like items, medicines will be destroyed by the hotel. Found items are kept by the hotel for 3 months.

The same rule applies to items left in rooms. These will be sent by post at the guest's request for a fee.


You can request pipers, shaving and brushing products at the reception, in addition to those accommodated in hotel rooms.


TV Channel List

  1. Nyíregyháza tv
  2. M1
  3. M4
  4. Danube tv
  5. Danube, M4
  6. M2
  7. M5
  8. TV2
  9. RTL
  10. Izaura tv
  11. Dikh tv

53.MAX 4

  1. Spectrum

Sewing kit

It can be requested at the hotel reception.



Ironing service is available for an extra charge from 8 am to 8 pm within 1 hour. Laundry and ironing service (ready/picked up by agreement, laundry bag in room).


There is a Wi-Fi system at the hotel reception level, which can be used free of charge. The password to connect can be found at the reception or on the door of the rooms.

The continuous, uninterrupted operation and availability of wi-fi is not guaranteed by the hotel.

The hotel shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damage to the guest's device or its content incurred during or as a result of the use of wi-fi. The guest uses the service at his/her own risk and responsibility.

Guests under 18 years old

Children under the age of 14 may only stay in the room under the supervision of their parents or other persons authorised by them to act. The child's companions are responsible for the child's safety and any damage caused by him.

Guests under the age of 14 may only use the services of the hotel if accompanied by their parents or other persons authorized by them. Persons under the age of 18 are not allowed to drink alcohol on site. The parent of the person under the age of 18 or a person with legal capacity mandated by him or her is obliged to ensure the observance / enforcement of this obligation.

The parent or a person with legal capacity appointed by him or her bears full responsibility for the legal, moral and material consequences of breaching this obligation.